How to buy

For purchases as well as orders you can visit Pellex store -  Artsakh ave ․ 1/123:
Our specialists will be happy to help you choose leather.

The site presents products that are available in the store - you can distinguish them on the product page, on the right there is EXISTING SHOP ՙ with logos ՙ You can buy these products by visiting our store; or if you are confident in your choice you can contact our sales specialist to arrange shipping.

You can order the products marked with the ORDER logo. Due to our active activity, it will take 12-15 days for orders to be placed and delivered.

If you are sure about the choice, all you have to do is contact our specialist. The specialist will help to arrange safe and fast delivery.

You can shop from the store thanks to the flexible payment system.
The store also works with online payment systems to make your shopping easier. You can use the free consultation of our specialist to make online payments secure.